Newhall Ranch Velocity Analysis

Santa Clara River Velocity Analysis

Newhall Ranch required many bank protection alternatives in order to satisfy the program level EIR/EIS analysis.  PACE generated a detailed Drainage Concept Report for the Santa Clara River reach that runs through the project.  Utilizing the river analysis system from the Army Corps of Engineer called HEC-RAS, PACE GIS prepared the geometric input for the model, generated floodplains, and velocities for 6 flood events of 7 different alternatives.  PACE developed customized software to read the output of HEC-RAS to generate velocity distribution maps.  PACE also created complex models using ArcGIS Model Builder and Python to automate geoprocessing tools for velocity analysis for each alternative and event.  PACE helped Newhall Land and Farm in finding scour potential, habitat impacts, aquatic species refuge areas, and restoration opportunities.  PACE provided a detail matrix of velocity quantifications, floodplain differences, and vegetation comparisons.  All this data was used for the Drainage Concept Report and the subsequent EIR/EIS.