lytle creek velocity analysis

Lytle Creek Velocity Analysis

The Lytle Creek Project is located in San Bernardino County and is situated on the Lytle Creek Wash, a major drainage for the San Gabriel Mountains.  The Lytle Creek project presented PACE with many unique challenges.  First, in early 2005 a major storm event washed away an existing levee protecting a gravel pit located within the wash.  In addition to the washed out levee there is a habitat preserve island in the middle of the wash protecting an endangered species, the Kangaroo Rat.  PACE had to redesign an earthen filled levee to protect the gravel pit, levees on both sides of the wash to protect future development, and design these structures so no Kangaroo Rat habitat would be jeopardized.

Levee Improvements and Sensitive Species Habitat Protection 

Flo-2D, a 2-dimensional flood routing model, was used to generate flow direction, velocities and water depth.  PACE generated an approach to incorporate the Flo-2D output into GIS where the data could be represented visually and utilize our Kangaroo Rat Island Habitat Analysis.