data analysis

GIS Data Management

In order for our clients to achieve maximum Return on Investment (ROI) with GIS, a detailed database design must take place.  Armed with detailed knowledge of GIS and Geodatabases, PACE GIS has the ability to generate the appropriate database for our client’s needs.  The process involves understanding the client’s expectations of owning a GIS database including the functions it is to perform, preparing the database schema (organization), what information the data is to contain, flowcharts detailing spatial feature and table interactions.  The next step is to collect, create, and transfer data into the appropriate layers of the database.  A detailed quality assurance/quality check to insure proper development would follow.  The last phase would include data delivery and education for the end users.

Database Development Services include:

  • Database Schema Generation
  • Geometric Networks
  • Data Collection/Retrival
  • Hard-Copy/Archive Digitization
  • Enterprise Solutions