Stockton, CA

Mariposa Lakes is a 3,800 acre planned community in Stockton, California.  The 11,000 unit project includes a network of 16 residential and community lakes, many of which are hydraulically connected.  Stormwater runoff is collected and treated in the lake network before being pumped into one of three restored creek channels.  Working with a team of design consultants, PACE was involved in many aspects of the planning and design process, including:

  • Off-site hydrologic modeling
  • On-site hydrologic, hydraulic, and water quality modeling
  • Mass grading and earthwork balance
  • Lake water balance
  • Master drainage plan
  • Integrated water management plan
  • Lake design
  • Wet-pond BMP detention basin design
  • Restored creek channel design

Some of the most interesting aspects of the Mariposa Lakes design include:

  • Two-dimensional modeling of flooding from several sources. Typically one-dimensional modeling is used to evaluate the flooding from a single river or stream, but at Mariposa Lakes several streams and overland flooding threaten the site with simultaneous flooding, so the more complex two-dimensional modeling was required to demonstrate that the project would be safe from the 100-year flood.
  • Recreational lakes integrated with flood control and stormwater management. Mariposa Lakes will include a system of interconnected lakes that serve multiple purposes including recreation, real estate amenities, flood control, stormwater conveyance and treatment, and wildlife habitat.
  • Creek Channel Restoration. The creeks crossing the Mariposa Lakes site were converted to drainage ditches by decades of agricultural use and flood control. PACE created designs that would allow the creeks to continue to serve as flood control and permit the replacement of some of the native vegetation and wildlife habitat that has been lost.