West Desert Hot Springs排水总规划

Desert Hot Springs, CA

PACE is currently developing the Master Drainage Plan for portion of Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs within Coachella Valley, which do not have formalized Master Drainage Plans.  A formalized regional drainage plan would identify regional solutions and ensure that necessary implementation of the required flood control facilities associated with the different development areas in order to mitigate the flood hazards.  Over the next 20-years there will be expanded growth and development within these areas of the Coachella Valley.  Planning for the infrastructure needs before the initiation of development near these flood hazard zones is a challenging task because of the numerous physical and regulatory constraints which limit the solutions.  Key issues PACE is addressing for this project are:

  • MSHCP Environmental Restrictions/Criteria on Drainage Facility Design
  • “Desert” Drainage Solutions
  • Hydrology Runoff Yield Estimates from Rational and Unit Hydrograph Methods
  • Limits of Palm Canyon Channel Improvements and Impacts of Agua Caliente Indian Reservation
  • Existing Blaisdell Canyon Improvements and Existing Golf Course Community
  • Mission Creek and Morongo Wash Alluvial Fan Variable Flow Path
  • Application of Floodplain Management Techniques for Regional Alternative
  • Flooding Issues Relative to the Willow Hole Conservation Area
  • Application of the Use of Debris Basins Reduce Bulking Factors
  • Accurate Assessment of the Existing Bridge / Culvert Hydraulics
  • Establish Design Criteria for Non-MDP Systems within Plan Area
  • Coordination/Consistency between Desert Hot Springs MDP and Western MDP
  • RWQCB Criteria Related to Approved TMDLs
  • Compatibility with Other Regional Public Works and Planned Development Projects
  • An important feature in the development of the MDP will be integration of the engineering analysis into electronic mapping seamlessly through GIS tools.