Puerto Penasco水淡化设施

Puerto Penasco, Mexico

The Municipality of Puerto Peñasco in Rocky Point, Mexico desires to improve the sustainability and quality of potable water for their residents and large tourism industry.  PACE worked on the development of a comprehensive study to determine the feasibility of constructing a new 44 MGD (166,600 m3/day) seawater desalination facility for the City of Puerto Peñasco.  Accordingly, they have moved forward with an ambitious plan to convert their entire existing and proposed future water systems to ocean desalination from the Sea of Cortez.

This facility, when completed, will be one of the largest desal facility in Latin America.  PACE provided the conceptual and preliminary design of the all facets of the facility from the seafloor raw water intake structures to the final water storage and pumping facilities.  PACE also provided construction and operational cost estimating.  Our team is currently advising and assisting the City with contract negotiations for a Design/Build/Operate/Finance delivery of the project. The first phase project will provide 11 MGD (41,600 m3/day) of potable water from desalination to provide for existing demands.  Future phases include quadrupling of this capacity potentially including long-term transmission of treated water to the United States.

Advanced Elements:

  • Marine wildlife protection and beach sand filtration using subsurface sea floor intakes.
  • Natural disaster damage-resistant and corrosion resistant beach pumping station with submersible equipment.
  • Efficient treatment design with recycling of both pretreatment and second pass rejects.
  • Pretreated water storage to desalinate during degraded sea water quality.
  • Integrated “tank within a tank” post treatment remineralization and disinfection.
  • Achieves excellent water quality for multiple uses including irrigation, such as boron, chloride, and sodium removal to low levels.