Buckeye, Arizona

In 2003, PACE and our strategic partner, PERC Water, teamed to provide a Design/Build/Operate (DBO) wastewater solution for the Sundance Development in Buckeye, AZ.  As the engineer of record, PACE provided the planning, design, and permitting of the 1.2 MGD Phase I Sundance WRF, which utilizes a two-tank hybrid SBR process for biological oxidation of organics and secondary clarification, followed by tertiary filtration and UV disinfection to produce effluent meeting Arizona Title 18 Class A+ Reclaimed Water Standards for unrestricted reused.  With residential neighbors within a few hundred feet of its process, the facility utilized underground process tanks and common wall construction to minimize site footprint and to control odor. After 5 years of successfully operating and producing high quality effluent, PACE, along with PERC Water, was again contracted by the City and Developer to expand the Sundance WRF from 1.2 MGD to 3.5 MGD.  The expansion continued with the hybrid SBR process with upgrade made to the aeration process with use of more efficient fine bubble aeration.  Because of the provisions made in the original Phase I design for expansion, design challenges and operational challenges during construction were easily overcome, and the project was designed and constructed within 16 months.  The Sundance WRF is planned for an ultimate capacity of 7.2 MGD. Advanced Elements:

  • High effluent water quality meets AZ Class A+ Reclaimed Water Standards for unrestricted reuse and is used for irrigation of local golf courses, which reduces potable groundwater demand.
  • Neighbor-friendly design includes masonry block building to reduce noise and Underground process tank and mechanical odor control to eliminate offsite odor.
  • Hybrid SBR small footprint reduces site requirement and reduces carbon footprint during both construction and operation.
  • The Valley Forward Association awarded the Sundance facility in 2003 with an “Award of Merit” for Environmental Technologies due to its ability to produce Arizona Class A+ effluent without chemical additives.