Santa Margarita水区再生水系统

Mission Viejo, California

Santa Margarita Water District in Orange County has one of the largest recycled water systems in the Country when considering the large distribution system flow, seasonal storage, and land mass that the infrastructure covers.  PACE has been extensively involved in the design and operation of the systems including 1) a dry-weather flow retention, pumping, and filtration system, 2) an ozone oxidation system for treatment of reduced sulfur gases, 3) a bottom water oxygenation and pumping system for the storage reservoir, and 4) miscellaneous control and monitoring of the system to provide optimal operation.

Advanced Elements:

  • Rare system in CA in which reclaimed dry weather nuisance and flood water are pumped through the facility and reuses the water for irrigation
  • High efficiency, low maintenance because of the non-clogging pumping technology
  • 4,000 gpm pumping plant and filtration equipment for dry weather flow
  • Converted existing aeration system into temporary ozone oxidation system for mitigation of reduced sulfur gases in the recycled water system
  • Designed 2,000 lb/day oxygenation system for the bottom waters of the storage reservoir to handle dissolved ammonia and other oxygen demands
  • Performed testing on water and reservoir sediments and provided computer model of the water quality under various seasonal changes