Lake Elsinore, CA

PACE engineered a mechanical aeration system to improve water quality across this 3,000 acre natural lake system.  The aeration system is designed to draw water from the bottom of the lake to the surface to allow wind and air to oxygenate the entire water column within the lake.  The compressed air also provides direct oxygen transfer. Oxygenating the water provides enhanced precipitation and removal of phosphorous and other nutrients which cause algae blooms.

Advanced Elements:

  • Prevents fish kills and improves water quality for more  healthy aquatic ecosystem.
  • Six sets of 2 mile perforated submerged pipelines in fanned distribution network laid out maximize area of impact.
  • Two modes of operation including normal mixing and  “boost” for extreme conditions and minimize power costs.
  • Reduction in sound levels to ambient conditions at compressor stations.
  • Sophisticated control strategy to anticipate degrading water quality and activate compressors accordingly to regulate temperature between different layers of the water column and specific dissolved oxygen concentrations.
  • Two automated, wireless networked, and self-cleaning water quality profiling buoys.