Yavapai-Apache Nation Wastewater Master Plan

Camp Verde, Arizona

Located in the Upper Verde Valley of central Arizona, the Yavapai-Apache Nation reservation encompasses approximately 1,600 acres of non-contiguous land. The Nation is a federally recognized sovereign Indian Nation and is therefore responsible for social and economic welfare of the Yavapai-Apache people.

The Nation has contracted with PACE to provide a Wastewater Master Plan to evaluate the wastewater infrastructure of the five separate tribal communities:

  • Clarkdale
  • Camp Verde
  • Cliff Castle Casino District
  • Tunlii
  • Middle Verde

The Wastewater Master Plan is assisting the Nation to determine current and projected wastewater generation rates for each tribal community; identify existing wastewater infrastructure and determine the system capacity to manage current and future wastewater flow; identify effluent reuse and disposal options; and identify options and facilitate recommendations for wastewater infrastructure system upgrades based on a customized weighted-matrix that includes capital and 20-yr life cycle cost analysis. It also provides the Yavapai-Apache Nation a “roadmap” on improving the wastewater infrastructure by identifing the critical deficiencies that needs to be addressed in the order of severity from both capacity and monetarily standpoints.

As part of the Master Plan, PACE conducted field investigation that included site reconnaissance and survey, installation of flow measuring devices to determine wastewater flow patterns, and extensive operator interviews and process observation.  To ensure accurate assessment and cost estimation, the Master Plan includes techniques such as time-loaded sequencing in evaluating the 20-yr life cycle cost and weighted-matrix when evaluating multiple options. Time-loaded sequencing involves accurately assessing the capital and O&M costs at the proper period within the 20-year evaluation cycle. This is particularly important when infrastructure improvements are phased in as part of the master planning.  Weighted-matrix utilizes client-inputs to emphasize the importance of each criterion when evaluating different options. This ensures that the option selected are based on the client’s specific needs.