Wetlands of Avondale Drainwater Treatment and Groundwater Recharge

Avondale, Arizona

PACE provided services for planning, design and construction of a unique surface water treatment system using a series of wetlands lagoons. The wetlands treats up to 13.2 MGD per day of irrigation water to drinking water standards for groundwater recharge through a spectacular series of interactive lagoons.  The 83 acre lagoon system not only provides water treatment, but also creates a park-like setting and waterfront view home site for an 800-home mixed-use subdivision.


Advanced Elements:

  • Water treatment is accomplished by steady flow through a series of 16 stepped wetland lagoons.
  • Approximately 30 acres of islands, planted with effective     wetland plants, create a visual amenity, wildlife habitat, and a cool system of lagoon inlets and outlets, weir control boxes, hydraulic piping and valves, and water flow and water quality monitoring.
  • The wetland design and functionality was presented at numerous state and national conferences, and the project received an Environmental Excellence Award from the Valley Forward Association for Environmental Technologies in the Public Sector.
  • Treatment system has successfully processed and recharged over 10.5 billion gallons of canal water contaminated with agricultural runoff to comply with drinking water standards for groundwater recharge since August 1999, when it became fully operational.