Technical Consultation and Assistance

We offer technical consultation for our clients to solve water quality challenges with respect to the operation, planning, and/or design of their new and existing water and wastewater facilities such as treatment plants, raw and finished water reservoirs, and collection and distribution systems.

Examples of consultation services include:

  • Water quality monitoring and improvement
  • Assistance with emergency water quality challenges such as seasonal taste and odor, algal blooms, toxic elements, and occurrences of other contaminants of concern
  • Treatment process adjustment and optimization
  • Evaluations and validation of new treatment and monitoring technologies

We conduct both field and laboratory studies to test and confirm the effectiveness of our proposed solutions.  Typically, a bench-scale (i.e., in test tubes, flasks and beakers) testing is performed first to check the concept and determine basic parameters such as chemical dosages, followed by several stages of pilot-scale (from 1:100 to 1:5) testing to evaluate potential issues associated with scalability, hydraulics, and operations.  We have facilities and resources to test various water quality parameters in-house, as well as through our academic and industry partners.