Collaborative Research

We have been working with our academic and industry collaborators to conduct cutting-edge research projects in environmental water science and engineering.  Our particular interests and strengths include the following topics:

  • Advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies
    • Chemical oxidation – Ozone, UV, and advanced oxidation
    • Novel biological and biochemical processes
    • Novel chemical/biochemical materials for water and wastewater treatment
    • Desalination
  • Water reuse
    • Treatment technologies
    • Recycled water quality
    • Monitoring methods
    • Reuse applications
    • Industrial water reuse
  • Emerging contaminants
    • Treatment
    • Monitoring
    • Fate and transport
    • Toxicology and risk assessment

We can also offer various resources and services for our collaborative partners to bench, pilot, and field test their systems and technologies.  For details, please contact us.