Our Services

At PACE Environmental Water Laboratory we currently offer three core services:

  • Technical consultation and assistance
  • Research and development
  • Collaborative research

We have vast experience with all kinds of conventional and alternative water resources in cold, temperate, and sub-tropical environments including:

  • Surface water
  • Fresh and brackish groundwater
  • Seawater
  • Domestic sewage and treated effluents (= recycled water)
  • Industrial effluents
  • Agricultural water

Also, our specialties in environmental water engineering include:

  • Advanced water and wastewater treatment and desalination technologies
    • Technologies
      • Ozone and advanced oxidation processes (AOPs)
      • Anaerobic biological processes
      • Reverse osmosis
      • Adsorption and Ion exchange
    • Targets
      • Color
      • Taste & Odor
      • Iron and manganese
      • Trace metal removal, including radionuclides
      • Emerging contaminants
  • Water quality management
    • Raw and finished water
    • Reservoir operations to maintain and improve water quality
    • Nuisance control
      • Algae and taste & odor
      • Freshwater mussels
      • Anoxia (foul odor, nutrients and reduced metals)
    • Hydrodynamic modeling (1-D and 3-D)
  • Industrial and agricultural water treatment and reuse
    • Drainage water
    • Oil and gas
  • Golf course and landscape irrigation water quality