About Us

Due to increasing regulatory pressure as well as increasing public awareness regarding environmental issues, water treatment is becoming increasingly complex and challenging.  PACE Environmental Water Laboratory was founded in the late 2009 to address those environmental water challenges in the nation and around the world.

At PACE Environmental Water Laboratory, we are committed to providing innovative solutions for our clients and partners to address diverse and difficult environmental water challenges ranging from water quality management and treatment technology consultation for specific water contaminants to novel technology development and collaborative research. We employ a tailored, unique combination of both conventional and state-of-the-arts methods, tools and technologies to solve the most challenging water science and engineering questions. Our in-house laboratory facilities and resources allow us to test and prove the performance of our solutions very efficiently and cost-effectively.

One of PACE Environmental Water Laboratory’s unique strengths is our ability to develop new technologies for water and wastewater treatment. Currently we have three separate lines of patent-pending pre-treatment technologies for water desalination and reuse using combinations of physical, chemical and biological processes.

We are also actively involved in various local and international organizations to promote scientific and technical communication, as well as public outreach.