Stormwater Management

PACE applies state-of-the art engineering tools and techniques that are utilized to manage the quantity and quality of urban stormwater runoff in compliance with public works and environmental regulations.  Conventional techniques and approaches that have been traditionally been applied for stormwater management and surface drainage are now challenged by more stringent environmental regulations.  PACE focuses on the initial planning and designing innovative naturalized facilities and systems to prevent or to control flooding, erosion, sedimentation, and non-point source pollution.  The methodologies and applications employed by PACE are based on our vast knowledge and experience in the public and private sectors.

PACE employs a unique stormwater management planning process through “viewing stormwater as a resource” which reduces infrastructure costs, addresses stormwater conveyance and quality simultaneously, introduces natural ecosystems, enhances landscape and aesthetic features, and improves overall project value translating directly into increased community benefits.  Our stormwater management approach utilizes the watershed-scale to focus water resource protection which recognizes the interconnectedness of all the physical and biological components, including human communities, considering physical characteristics and also social / economic factors.