Waveyard Physical Model

City of Mesa, AZ

See video footage of the three physical models here: http://youtu.be/-w2iQ65BdN4.

A hydraulic model study program was developed in order to generate a manmade 12-foot high surf wave of world class quality through the application of new and different technology for wave generation in a commercial wave pool.  The program included computer simulations / numerical modeling in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin and three different hydraulic physical models.  The physical modeling program evaluated the characteristics of the breaking wave and reef configuration that would provide the optimum surf wave.  A 4:1 scale model that produced a three foot wave was constructed in Huntington Beach for a unit width of the wave pool with a 100-foot long x 8-foot wide x 6-foot high Plexiglas/wood flume to conduct the initial experiments that tested variety of concepts to determine the best design for the optimal surf wave.  The results of this testing and data collection was used to develop the design concept for performing the second phase of modeling with a full 8:1 scale model that produced an 18 inch wave in a pool that was 100-foot x 110-foot in Arizona which included an overall layout of the commercial wave pool. The third phase of the modeling was a 16:1 scale model using a different, cutting edge, technology to produce a nine inch wave in a pool that was 30-foot long x a width ranging from 5 feet to 18 feet that was also located in Arizona. The pools in the 2nd and 3rd phases were designed specifically for surfing to see how the waves would react in an environment of not only the pool size but the reef bottom, as well.