Louisville Waterfront Park

Louisville, KY

On warm summer evenings, Waterfront Park in Louisville, Kentucky bustles with activity. Ships of all sizes dot the river, couples stroll hand in hand, and parents watch as children tease the dancing waters. The union of water and lights captivates passers-by who don’t mind being a few minutes late for their dinner reservation. Designed to be an artistic transition from land to river, Waterfront Park spans the length of three city blocks.

Part of a $60 million, 150-acre downtown riverfront redevelopment and revitalization project, Waterfront Park replaces decades of abuse from highway traffic and industrial decay. Paying homage to Louisville’s roots in the Ohio River, the park emulates the angular shapes of the river flow while bringing a modern feel to the historical city.

The engaging water feature is brought to life by 19 pumps, 112 valves and over 220 lights. Water cascades from pool to pool over descending limestone steps that lead to the Ohio River. Water cannons shoot 15-foot high arches over five pedestrian bridges.

By combining the lure of water with engineering expertise, PACE created a waterfront attraction that will delight Louisville residents of all ages for generations.