Lake Forest Swim Lagoon

Lake Forest, CA

PACE was hired by the Lake Forest Community Association to rehabilitate and re-open the community’s swim lagoon, which had been closed due to poor water quality, inadequate pump station facilities and safety issues along the shoreline. Together with Annemarie Hall Design, a state-of-the art design of a 350,000 gallon, 20,000 square foot swim lagoon was developed, which provides sand beach areas simulating a natural swimming environment and prevents algae growth in the sand media by allowing disinfected water to be circulated through the sand, significantly improving the pool water quality. The pool construction resembles that of a manmade lake, incorporating materials and technology to reduce future maintenance and infrastructure costs and provide overall value to the community. Some advanced features of the swim lagoon include:

  • Four times the size of a junior Olympic pool
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Sand beaches simulating a natural swimming environment
  • Reliable water quality
  • Unique amenity for the community
  • Incorporates a remote-accessed monitoring and control system