Riverwalk Stormwater Management Stream

Riverside, CA

Riverwalk, located along Riverwalk Parkway at La Sierra University, is a dual functioning aesthetic water feature and flood control channel. Instead of a traditional flood control channel, PACE designed an aesthetically and environmentally superior approach. The naturalized flood control channel conveys a design 2-year storm event.  Stormwater is diverted to the La Sierra Channel, which is designed to carry a 10-year storm.  The water feature consists of approximately one mile of interconnecting lakes and streams.  The lakes are approximately 108,000 square feet and hold 2.9 million gallons of water with a circulation rate of 1,800 gallons per minute.  Water flows down the streams to simulate a natural stream condition.  The lakes and streams also serve as storage basins for the irrigation water. In addition to the water feature/flood control channel design, PACE was also responsible for the design of the equipment that irrigates the Riverwalk Parkway backbone. PACE also provided timber design for timber trellises and pergola structures on the island and throughout the park.