Terranea Resort Water Attractions

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

PACE designed all the aquatic components for the project including the hotel pools, interactive splash pad, Pacifica Club, Spa Club and golf course for this 5 star, high end ocean view resort project.  The hotel pools consist of one 4,500 square foot freeform pool, one slide pool with a 120’ x 20’ slide, two 200 square foot spas, and one interactive waterplay fountain with 25 jets and color changing lights with a fogging effect.  The Pacifica Club design includes a 16’ x 60’ two lane lap pool.  The Spa Club has two hot tubs, two cold plunge pools and one 24’ x 75’ lap pool with three lanes for swimming.  The golf course features two golf course flood control / stormwater quality lakes totaling 1.5 acres.

PACE designed a 21′ diameter circular interactive splash fountain, with 17 water nozzles and color changing LED light for each nozzle. The fountain nozzles and LED lights are controlled individually by sequenced programmable logic controllers. The jet display height varies from zero to seven feet in height which was done through a variable frequency drive motor for the recirculation pumps. PACE also designed a surge tank which is required for proper water treatment for user safety.  The tank was divided into two compartments, one that receive surface water from the fountain area and one that receives the filtered water from filtration system.  This was done to accommodate the local Health Department requirements.  The flow rate for each nozzle is 9 gpm and the velocity of water out of the nozzle is less than 20 feet per second for the safety of the users. The fountain equipment includes a 5 HP water jet pump coupled with additional cartridge filter to ensure water quality from the nozzles, one sand filter with a 1 horsepower filter pump, an automatic chlorine monitoring and dosing controller, chlorine feeder and pH adjustment system. All fountain equipment is installed together with other pool equipment in a main building.