Casino Arizona Entry Feature

Scottsdale, AZ

PACE designed a 2,300-square foot water feature system that stands along the pedestrian pathway that leads to the south entrance of the casino, a main focal point to the site.  This water feature has 14 glass-like clear water curtains with flow lengths ranging from 8 feet long to 13 feet long that discharge water into the basin in the front and rear side of the stone veneered walls.  From the top basin water drops down two basin levels through eight 12-inch wide scuppers.  A smaller 180-square foot triangular water feature system was also designed on the east entrance along the pathway to the entrance of the casino.  The water feature structure consists a 7.5 foot tall trapezoidal column wall on one side and 14 foot wall on the other side, which discharges water to the top of both structures and slowly trickles down a myriad of hand-placed blue tiles on the surface of the structure.