Woodbridge Lake

Manteca, CA

Woodbridge Lake fulfills the common functions of a manmade lake as an aesthetic and recreational amenity, and provides additional community infrastructure benefits. In addition to attracting wildlife and providing a unique, serene environment for residents, the lake also provides irrigation storage for the community and assists with flushing the sewer pipelines. The lake’s irrigation pump station is currently secondarily used to flush the sewer system since the early phases of development do not generate enough wastewater to effectively move sewage through the system. The pump station borrows water from the lake and pumps it to the sewer lines. The infrastructure purposes and lake amenity goals also work hand-in-hand. Lake water quality improves by moving water out of the lake and replacing it with a fresh supply. Likewise, irrigation water supplies benefit from the water quality management systems built into the lake including aeration, biofiltration and wetland plants.

Advanced Elements:

  • Irrigation pump station serves two functions: irrigation for the community out of the lake and sewer system flushing during low flow periods.
  • Biofilters provide an in-lake means to manage lake nutrient loading and aid in overall lake water quality management.
  • Lake includes a fisheries management program with fish spawning areas specially designed in shallow areas of the lake and structures placed in deeper areas to provide suitable habitat for fish to thrive.