Bridgeport Stormwater Management Lake

Valencia, CA

Bridgeport Lake is a 15-acre (16 hectares) manmade lake providing both a visual and natural resource amenity to the adjacent Bridgeport development. With a tributary drainage area of 75 acres (30 hectares), Bridgeport Lake provides several urban storm water pollution treatment and water quality maintenance features that serve to fulfill stormwater detention and treatment requirements for the Bridgeport development. In addition to being the focal aesthetic feature of this high-end development, the lake system also serves as the primary drainage facility for the site and as a water quality and urban storm runoff enhancement facility.


Advanced Elements:

  • Bridgeport Lake provides retention for 3 inch (76 mm) over its entire surface area or 1.3 acre (0.5 hectares), which is more than enough capacity to retain the first flush of a storm event.
  • Water quality filters collect initial runoff and retain it long enough for the majority of pollutants  to be removed.
  • Eliminated the need for several large diameter storm drain pipes by routing storm and urban  runoff through the  lake system.
  • Lake water quality enhancers include biofilters, aeration, and wetland planters.
  • Created premium land values surrounding lake.
  • Created habitat for various local wildlife species and environmental amenity for the local community.