Desert Lakes Volumetric Calculation

Desert Lakes Volumetric Calculations

PACE prepared the hydrology and hydraulic analysis for the Desert Lakes project located in Riverside County.  The Desert Lakes project contained many interesting constraints that PACE had to use its expertise in providing the correct answers.  One of the potential constraints of the Desert Lakes project were two retention basins located just outside the project boundary.  PACE had to analyze the existing capacity of each basin and determine at what storm event would the basin topple the weir.  If the basin would be toppled at an event lower than the 5 year event the overflow land would be considered part of the Army Corps of Engineering (ACOE) jurisdictional waters.  ACOE jurisdictional permit requirements are extensive and expensive, so it was in the clients best interest to analyze this data with the utmost scrutiny.  We determined that the capacity did not topple until the 25 year storm event, thus being outside of the ACOE jurisdictional waters.  This analysis save the client thousands of dollars in additional analysis costs and time-savings.


  • ArcGIS
  •  Spatial Analyst
  • 3D Analyst
  • GeoHEC-RAS
  • AES
  • FLO-2D