Orange County Watershed Infiltration Hydromodification Management Plan (WIHMP) Database

PACE GIS worked with Orange County to help them produce the Watershed Infiltration Hydromodification Management Plan WIHMP Database.  PACE established the project by developing a wish list of GIS data that would assist in understanding the hydrology, infiltration, and hydromodification within the County.  PACE contacted over 100 different jurisdictions and departments within Orange County, researched numerous data sites on the internet, and found hard-copy archive data.  PACE developed a detailed geodatabase to contain all data that was collected, transferred and created.  PACE used the database to generate the WIHMP document and developed a tool within GIS to help allow users to select a redevelopment site and generate an infiltration feasibility report.  The infiltration feasibility report will notify the user if the selected site fits the criterion of on-site infiltration, and if the site is infeasible it will notify the closest regional BMP facility the project may be able to utilize.

Key Features:

  • Database Schema Development
  • UML Tools
  • Archive Digitization
  • Collected > 100 datasets
  • Model Builder
  • Python


  • ArcGIS
  • Spatial Analyst
  • Database Designer
  • Python