Mountain House Potable Water Storage and Booster Pump Station

Mountain House (near Tracy), California


PACE provided the design and construction administration services for a new multi-zone potable water storage and booster pumping facility for the Mountain House Community Services District.  The design included two separate sets of potable water booster pumps in an architecturally pleasing pump house structure, a pressure reducing / sustaining valving and metering station, and two twin 3.7 million gallon DYK pre-stressed water storage tanks.  The 150’ diameter, 31’ tall tanks were constructed partially underground to reduce the aesthetic impacts to the adjacent community college and residential development.  The booster pump station consisted of twin 3,500 gpm pumping systems which provide drinking water and fire protection to approximately 8,500 homes and associated commercial and educational development. The station has redundant pumps, automatically transferred back-up power, disinfection injection and monitoring, and full remote telemetry and security systems with full-motion video surveillance. PACE also provided the engineering permitting effort for municipality and County submittals and reviewed the contents of water balances performed for the municipality.  Concurrently, PACE also provided the same services for the design of an additional remote pumping station on the west side of the project with a firm capacity of 5,500 gpm.

Advanced Elements:

  • Twin 3.7 Million Gallon partially submerged concrete storage tanks
  • 7,300 GPM dual-zone potable water booster pump station
  • Integrated pressure reducing station
  • Chlorine residual monitoring and injection facilities
  • Remote radio SCADA and PLC controls.
  • Two zone domestic and fire pumping station (max 3000 gpm domestic plus 3500 gpm fire)