Grizzly Ranch Water System

Portola, California

The terrain at Grizzly Ranch required precision planning to ensure successful delivery of water to all residents.  PACE was chosen to prepare a master plan utilizing WaterCAD modeling for detailed and precise design of the water system that would serve four different pressure zones in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  The master plan included:

• defining the four pressure zones

• suggesting design pressures and locations for the water delivery infrastructure including a water storage tank, water wells, water filtration plant, and booster pump stations.

• working with the California Department of Health Services (CalDHS) to permit the potable water system that would be operated by the Grizzly Ranch Community Services District.


In addition, PACE was contracted to provide the complete engineering design for a new potable water production well, which included:

• well mechanical equipment,

• piping design,

• distribution tie-in piping design,

• and control/ SCADA system design.

PACE also designed and installed a centralized control system for managing, data-logging and alarming of the water resources on the project. This provided CSD operators and managers with the tools to make informed decisions and provide quick response to emergencies to effectively and efficiently manage the finite resources available.