Water Infrastructure

PACE provides a unique hands-on background and insight into planning, consulting, design, and implementation of potable water solutions.  As part of the planning process, PACE develops integrated water balances for sustainable water use and conservation including water recycling.  Also included in the planning phases are selection of appropriate water sources, conveyance, and distribution.   Treated water must be properly stored and transmitted to customers during average, peak, and fire demand periods, and PACE has engineered dozens of different types of water storage tanks, booster pump stations, and control systems to deliver water at a constant, ideal pressure.  Finally, because of PACE’s extensive construction, operations, and controls experience, we are able to troubleshoot, startup, and train staff on the operation of PACE-engineered systems.

  • Water Planning and Sustainable Supply Analysis
  • Water System Modeling Distribution System Design
  • Well-Head Investigation and Design
  • Surface Water Intake and Pump Station Design
  • Water Storage Tank Design
  • Booster Pump Station Design