Mountain House Water Reclamation Facility

Mountain House (near Tracy), California

PACE provided engineering, permitting and start-up services for a new, state-of-the-art 3 MGD per day water reclamation facility. The new facility utilizes a two-tank SBR process for biological oxidation of organics and secondary clarification.  Tertiary treatment is accomplished through the SBR, Aquadisk cloth media filtration, and advanced UV disinfection. The Mountain House WRF is among the first facilities in the United States to utilize a UV Disinfection System certified under NWRI to meet California Title 22 requirements.

Advanced Elements:

  • Sludge Processing to Meet EPA Class B Biosolids Requirements.
  • Treatment takes place in underground tanks, significantly reducing land requirements and improving the facility’s aesthetics.
  • A unique structural concrete deck design reduced construction time and cost.
  • The original facility resided on 21 acres of land, while the new 3 MGD per day facility resides on only one acre of land.
  • In 2006, the Mountain House WRF was recognized by Global Water Intelligence as a Water / Wastewater Project of the Year.
  • Mountain House realized tremendous energy savings through the use of micro-fine bubble diffuser panels in the SBRs and the use of low-energy Flygt “banana blade” mixers. This project represents the first application of these types of diffuser panels in a US SBR facility.