Wastewater Treatment

After potable water is used by the customer and converted to wastewater, it is conveyed to a treatment facility to remove pollutants, excessive nutrients, and pathogens.  PACE has extensive experience in properly planning for wastewater collection and conveyance, including selection of gravity, low-pressure, and central pump station options.  PACE has the ability to design conveyance solutions that are valuable and reliable by properly handling debris in the wastewater and power outages.  We have repeatedly provided treatment facility solutions that are innovative, cost-effective, straightforward to construct, and simple to operate.  The water exiting PACE-designed wastewater reclamation facilities is clean and safe for water applications including storage reservoirs, advanced irrigation treatment systems, cooling tower filtration systems, and pump stations for recycled water application, as well as recharge and injection systems to store recycled water underground.  PACE also provides permitting for discharge of reclaimed water to surface waters.

  • Wastewater Planning and Collection Analysis
  • Wastewater System Modeling
  • Lift and Pump Station Design
  • Wastewater Reclamation Treatment Design
  • Tertiary Treatment Systems for Reuse/Recharge
  • Recycled Water Storage and Pumping Systems
  • Recharge Wells and Basins
  • Permitting for Recycled Water