City of Lathrop Combined Sewer / Stormwater Pump Station

Lathrop, California

In support of three new developments in the City of Lathrop, new stormwater and sewer pump stations were designed and constructed in a common facility.  Due to three separate watersheds, there were three stormwater wet wells containing three 400 HP pumps each plus low-flow pumping equipment for nuisance flows.  In addition to stormwater, sewage waste streams from new developments are transported by gravity to the sewer lift station constructed adjacent to the new stormwater pump stations.  Each of the pump stations, three stormwater, and one sewer, are located in a single enclosed common yard site with common wall wet well construction and a highly aesthetic structure integrated with a crane.  The $10 million facility provides 300 cfs of stormwater pumping and 7.7 MGD of sewer pumping using submersible non-clog pumping equipment.

Advanced Elements:

  • 7.7 MGD sewer peak flow 300 CFS peak stormwater flow
  • Four 90 HP VFD submersible pumps with full speed capacity of 1,800 gpm each
  • Flow metering, data logging and emergency back-up power with an automated transfer switch
  • Cast-In-Place reinforced concrete wet wells
  • Automatically controlled mechanically-cleaned bar screens for all flows
  • Multiple and identical pumps with other area stations to simplify operation and maintenance and also reduce spare parts inventory
  • Shared overhead bridge crane for pump removal and maintenance
  • Programmable Logic Controlled motor centers with radio data telemetry
  • Aesthetically pleasing masonry wall enclosed operations area which blends in with the surrounding development