Tejon Lake Water Quality Improvement System

Lebec, CA

PACE identified and engineered water quality improvement and management techniques to ensure the lake is in pristine condition for recreation and habitat support for the Tejon Ranch community. A monitoring and water quality management program were established to identify baseline lake properties vital to future lake use, and a maintenance program was established with the objective of meeting water level and water quality parameters suitable for wildlife to thrive and to support human recreation activities. As part of the management program, a mechanical aeration system was designed for the lake to provide mixing and enhancement of dissolved oxygen concentrations to improve water conditions for fish and reduce algal bloom within the lake.

Advanced Elements:


  • The lake monitoring program includes GIS mapping and elevation profiling, continuous temperature and dissolved oxygen monitoring, lake chemistry, sediment chemistry, lake biology, toxins to fish and human consumption, survey of in flowing streams for general biology and suitability for the addition of riparian or other wetlands for biota/water purification.
  • Aeration system includes 19 pods offset 300 ft apart from one another to optimally balance the systems influence reach with the appropriate amount of water mixing from the system.
  • Developed water replacement strategies to mitigate from significant water level changes, especially during years of low precipitation that traditionally cause the lake to occasionally dry out completely.
  • Water quality maintenance program with the objective to sustain large game fish populations, reduce the risk of eutrophication caused by algae blooms by removing nutrients, and maintaining a healthy, consistent water level.