Reservoir / Lake Water Quality

The PACE team brings very specialized expertise and extensive experience on manmade and natural lake systems / limnology that enable us to address the project objectives with comprehensive understanding of the cause and effect relationships of the activities that take place over time. The team is comprised of lake experts and water resource civil engineers. Our focused expertise will ensure a holistic approach is taken to identify key issues and develop solutions that address both the cause and the effect to the lake.

The PACE team brings extensive expertise in lake systems which include the following areas:

  • lake water quality
  • limnology
  • wetlands systems
  • hydrodynamic modeling
  • shoreline stability
  • lake dredging
  • lake management systems / improvements
  • sediment yield / watershed characteristics / analysis
  • fish and wildlife habitat
  • lake operations and maintenance
  • environmental permitting
  • water quality testing / laboratory