Mesa Consolidated Water District Water Well Automation

Costa Mesa, CA

PACE has provided a comprehensive report to upgrade Mesa Consolidated Water District six wells in the northwest part of the district.  These wells are  located over five miles from the district offices, requiring frequent surface street travel to operate these wells, due to their current manual operation. The slow response time resulted in higher operating cost, poor operating performance and consumes a tremendous amount of personnel resources.  In addition, all well equipment is antiquated, requiring upgrades to electrical motors, mechanical piping, instrumentation, and security to bring these wells up to a high quality standard desired by Mesa Water.

PACE proposed and designed automation improvements, which included:

  1. Remote automation of wells, including blow-off operation and blow-off flow monitoring.
  2. System monitoring, including well efficiency, well level, pressure, flow, and amperage.
  3. Chemical monitoring capabilities to ensure consistency and safety.
  4. Modular and simplified control system and programming for long-term changes.
  5. Security monitoring, control power monitoring, and backup electrical power systems.