Transportable Frac-Back Water Treatment Unit

United States


In order to provide a cost-effective solution for the wastewater treatment and reuse in the oil and gas industry PACE has conducted extensive research and development in our in-house lab facilities as well as several on-site piloting and demonstration studies. PACE staff have visited numerous oil and gas exploration sites in North America, including California, North Dakota, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Alberta on multiple occasions, and analyzed and tested more than twenty shipments of flowback and produced water from hydraulic fracturing operations for both oil and gas, as well as conventional oil and tar (oil) sands production. As a result, PACE developed the PEARL BLUE containerized mobile water treatment system that can be quickly deployed to any oil and gas production site.


Since many of the processes are automated with numerous on-line sensors and meters as well as an integrated control system, PEARL BLUE can be monitored and controlled remotely allowing for the system to be managed by one trained operator. The PEARL BLUE system also has an on-site laboratory facility where water quality can be analyzed immediately without having to wait for off-site lab analysis. Once the operation is completed, the mobile treatment system can be demobilized, cleaned, and moved to the next site. The PEARL BLUE system can initiate its operation at a new project site within just a few days.


Oil and gas wastewaters, including hydraulic fracturing flowback and produced water, contain a mixture of naturally occurring water constituents as well as many organic and inorganic additives. The compositions of the wastewater vary significantly depending on the region, as well as the type of operations, thus making the optimum wastewater treatment process difficult. The PEARL BLUE system employs two innovative treatment processes, namely electrocoagulation (EC)-hydro (H2) floatation and continuously cleaned nanofiltration (NF), to achieve optimum water treatment for oil and gas wastewaters, including flowback and produced water.


Key Features:

  • High-quality treatment
  • Cost-effectively removes majority of scaling salts and operational boron
  • Patented technology
  • Can be monitored and controlled remotely
  • On-site laboratory facility
  • Uses electrocoagulation (EC)-hydro (H2) Floatation and nanofiltration (NF) for optimum water treatment


Advanced Water Quality / Piloting, Instrumentation & Controls