SMWD Pico and Talega Pump Station Modifications

San Clemente, CA


PACE designed modifications to the Pico Pump Station and Talega Sewer Lift Station to finalize the new permanent shared San Clemente connections for recycled water and wastewater, respectively. The existing Pico Sewer Lift Station was reconfigured into a new multi-zone recycled water pump station with suction and discharge lines, flow metering, and a cross-connection pressure reducing valve. Each Zone A pump has a capacity of approximately 1,500 gallons per minute (gpm) at about 200 feet of discharge boost. Two 12-inch discharge mains tie into the 16-inch transmission main on Avenida Pico. The Bella Colina Golf Course pump has a capacity of approximately 600 gpm at approximately 100 feet of discharge boost and discharges through an existing 12-inch discharge main to an 8-inch transmission main on Avenida Pico. A small residential grinder pumping system was also installed, and a new 1-inch-diameter force main discharges on-site restroom flows to a street manhole.


The existing Talega Sewer Lift Station was redesigned with smaller sewer pumps, new discharge lines, and flow metering. The anticipated average sewer flow into the Talega site under the new configuration is about 0.2 million gallons per day (MGD) average and 0.6 MGD (420 gpm) peak at about ±150 feet of total dynamic head. The project included change-out of existing electrical at both sites, including soft starters.


Key Features:

  • Renovation of existing pump station
  • Sophisticated level and programmer control
  • Low-flow and high-flow pumping
  • Wastewater and recycled water infrastructure
  • Coastal condition design considerations

Santa Margarita Water District

Wastewater Infrastructure