Santa Clara River Hydraulic Analysis / Floodplain Mapping / Bank Stabilization

Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, CA


For over 20 years, PACE has been one of the primary consulting engineers providing planning and design of enhancements to the Santa Clara River, throughout its reach in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, to support development and flood protection objectives.  PACE’s role includes hydrologic, hydraulic, sediment, and runoff water quality modeling and analysis, CLOMR/LOMR processing, river bank protection design, water quality management, and sediment transport management. During this time, PACE has facilitated the groundbreaking use of soil cement as a more cost-effective and environmentally sensitive means of providing flood control along the River. To date, PACE has planned, designed, and managed construction of 33,000 linear feet (340,000 cubic yards) of soil cement bank stabilization and is currently in the design phase for another 29,000 linear feet (330,000 cubic yards). The success of these projects is due to a combination of innovative engineering, use of cost-effective design methods and construction materials, and participation from multiple stakeholders including Los Angeles County Public Works, California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).


Key Features:

  • Sediment yield / sediment transport analysis
  • Preparing hydrologic / hydraulic documentation reports
  • Sedimentation engineering and geomorphology
  • Floodplain analysis
  • GIS spatial analysis
  • Naturalized (soil cement) environmentally sensitive bank protection solution
  • Supported Los Angeles County Public Works’ evaluation process leading to the adoption soil cement as an approved bank protection method

FivePoint/Newhall Ranch

Floodplain Mapping, River Engineering, Stormwater Management / Flood Control