Santa Ana Country Club Irrigation Water Treatment

Santa Ana, CA


PACE designed a packaged colored and brackish groundwater treatment system using reverse (RO) osmosis, including provision of RO water quality modeling, economic evaluation of the opportunity to reduce gypsum addition and excessive leaching of salts, consulting on system configurations, and desalination system design. PACE installed Phase II of the system including a GAC pre-filtration system, part of the original design, which assists with reducing organic fouling of the desalination system.  PACE has been performing water quality and system performance monitoring, including color, turbidity, sulfide, total & free chlorine, monochloramine, ammonia, nitrate, total & calcium hardness, total alkalinity, chemical oxygen demand, and silica etc. In addition, PACE has provided operation assistance, timely troubleshooting, and investigated the system performance to maximize water production and reduce excessive head loss due to organic and biofouling. Recently, PACE has also worked to develop the use of recycled water using this system through the Green Acres Recycled Water Delivery System. The potential increased use of recycled water to Santa Ana CC will increase revenue and water recycling in general, and may be a pilot for on-site polishing of salts at the project sites.


Key Features:

  • RO Water Treatment
  • GAC pre-filtration system
  • Well-head water quality testing
  • Non-potable water supply
  • Instrumentation & controls

Santa Ana Country Club

Advanced Water Quality / Piloting, Instrumentation & Controls