San Lorenzo Community Park Lake Design

San Lorenzo, CA


PACE designed a nearly 2-acre lake as part of the renovation of San Lorenzo Park. This lake not only adds serene aesthetic value to the park, it also manages the park’s stormwater and recycles it by using the water to irrigate the surrounding landscape. To maintain water quality, the lake uses alum addition, which removes nutrients and settles particulates out of the water. Additional water quality management systems include sand filtration, circulation, wetland plants, and an aeration system. PACE designed a naturalized shoreline for the lake using a concrete shell and embedded cobble rocks along the edge to create a natural earthen look. Aquatic plants line the shoreline along approximately 80% of the lake’s perimeter.


Key Features:

  • Water quality management system with an alum discharge settling box
  • Amended soil liner to prevent water from seeping into the ground
  • Aquatic plant shoreline for 80% of the perimeter
  • Dry-weather runoff and stormwater collection and treatment within the lake
  • Landscape irrigation using recycled water

RRM Design Group

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