San Juan Creek Stabilization / Jet Grouting

Southern Orange County, CA


PACE provided a preliminary engineering analysis/final design services and services during construction for stream bank protection on the reach of San Juan Creek from approximately 2,000 feet downstream of the Ortega Highway Bridge to 5,500 feet upstream of the Antonio Parkway Bridge. The project had several challenges that made traditional bank protection alternatives impractical. High groundwater, sensitive habitat, preservation of the natural character of the floodplain, flood protection and channel stabilization were primary considerations in the selected design approach. To effectively address site challenges, a soil cement stream bank protection solution was the selected alternative placed in 8-ft wide, 6-in thick lifts, laid back at 0.5:1 and 1:1 (H:V) slopes. The soil cement structure was buried beneath native backfill, allowing vegetation to be planted along the slope providing enhanced aesthetics. In areas where high groundwater conditions exist, dewatering would have been cost-prohibitive so PACE applied jet grouting techniques to provide protection against potential erosion.


Key Features:

  • Complex hydraulic analysis
  • Sediment transport/scour analysis
  • Conceptual planning alternative analysis
  • Creative bank stabilization solution
  • Plans/specifications/estimates

Rancho Mission Viejo

River Engineering, Stormwater Management / Flood Control