San Juan Creek Invert Stabilization Alternatives Study

Southern Orange County, CA


PACE performed the engineering feasibility analysis of multiple alternatives for the creek invert stabilization of San Juan Creek and Trabuco Creek within the County of Orange right-of-way. The limits of this study along San Juan Creek extend from the outlet to upstream of the I-5 freeway and along Trabuco Creek from the confluence to the Metrolink crossing. The work program included a baseline sediment transport analysis without stabilization that could then be utilized to develop the requirements for the formulation of the stabilization alternatives. The planning process involved detailed fluvial modeling and formulation of multiple alternative channel stabilization structure locations and configurations. Specialized optimization procedures and analyses were developed for planning the structures including hydraulics and economics. The alternative analysis included a specialized alternative ranking and screening process using the Analytical Hierarchy Process. 35% level plans were developed for the layout and profile of the stabilization facilities.


Key Features:

  • Detailed hydraulic modeling
  • Sediment transport/scour analysis
  • Alternative plan formulation feasibility study
  • Alternative screening and ranking process
  • 35% plans
  • Construction cost estimates

Orange County Public Works

River Engineering, Stormwater Management / Flood Control