San Gabriel Valley Greenway Plan

Los Angeles County, CA


The San Gabriel Valley Greenways Network plan is to enhance the existing network of flood control channels in the area with green space buffers, encouraging the use of walking and biking trails. The plan requires extensive investigation into the existing capacity of the channel network in order to quantify which areas would be most suitable to improvement or, due to limited capacity, would be excluded from the plan. PACE provided technical analysis and input into the GIS-driven tools used to model the channels.


Key Features:

  • Add green space and walking/biking trails along existing flood control channel
  • Built a SQL-based web application with GIS to collect as-built plan channel geometry
  • Fed results into a watershed wide suitability analysis to determine areas of most need
  • Identified opportune greening and bike/pedestrian trail locations and design requirements

LA County Public Works

GIS Data Management, GIS Water Resource Applications, Hydraulics Automation and Analysis