San Clemente Main Sewer Pump Station Upgrade

San Clemente, CA


PACE was retained by the City of San Clemente to evaluate a previously completed Preliminary Design Report, make recommendations and perform final engineering design and services during construction for the Main Pump Station (MPS) which is responsible for pumping 60-70% of the City’s total sewer flow with a 24 MGD capacity.  The MPS is located directly across the street from North Beach and subject to the harsh ocean adjacent conditions. Renovation design was performed to address frequent clogging of the pumps, improve pump station reliability and improve pump station efficiency. Based upon the evaluation completed, recommendations included structural resurfacing, replacing pumps with smaller more energy-efficient and clog resistant pumps, significant electrical equipment upgrades to improve system reliability and provide greater operational flexibility on a smaller footprint within the pump station, replacing the emergency generator and improving station ventilation conditions for safety and protection of the equipment.


Using specific energy as one of the main pump selection parameters, the recommended alternative was to replace one of the three large pumps with a smaller unit capable of handling the low, average and diurnal dry-weather flows (up to 2,200 GPM) to the station. The two other pumps remain, unchanged, to provide for high peak flow conditions, while maintaining adequate redundancy in the system. Station ventilation improvements included evaluation and modification design for cooling and dehumidification needs for the pump station environment, as well as designing a complex and custom intake/exhaust system capable of scouring all dry areas of the pump station, and allowing the station’s ambient environment to be considered unclassified under NFPA 820 design requirements.


Key Features:

  • Existing facility evaluation and equipment replacement
  • Upgrades constructed while pump station remained in operation
  • Structural resurfacing
  • Underground pump vault
  • Energy efficiency improvements
  • Emergency generator replacement
  • Electrical equipment upgrades
  • Ventilation improvements
  • SCADA / controls integration
  • CEQA and SCAQMD Permitting
  • Pump station design
  • Coastal Commission coordination

City of San Clemente

Wastewater Infrastructure