Rabobank Arena Fountain

Bakersfield, CA


PACE designed a 1,400 SF round fountain feature in front of the Rabobank Area consisting of 12 arching jets at 7ft tall, 1 central jet at 10 ft. tall, and 6 bubblers at 7 ft. tall. Each bubbler contains its own color-changing LED light for nighttime visual effects for the surrounding community to utilize. The original design of the fountain consisted of a splash pad.  The City wanted to replace the interactive feature with a more traditional fountain with a permanent pool of water.  PACE utilized the existing pump station for the new mechanical equipment, and provided the structural design including abandonment of the surge tank sitting directly below the new fountain.


Key Features:

  • Fountain renovation
  • Reused existing pump station
  • Renovated plumbing, electrical, and structural

RRM Design Group as a client to the City of Bakersfield

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