Poinsettia, Voorhees and Pacific Sewer Collection and Sewer Lift Stations Upgrade

Manhattan Beach, CA


PACE is preparing plans and specifications for the City of Manhattan Beach to upgrade three (3) sewer force mains and three (3) sewer lift stations, including Pacific Avenue Wastewater Pump Station (WWPS), Poinsettia Avenue WWPS, and Voorhees WWPS. These lift stations and force mains were originally constructed in the early 1960s, with mechanical and electrical upgrades implemented around the mid-1990s, and the facilities are now approaching the end of their useful lives. The City is concerned with the reliability of these aging systems, further exasperated by frequent power outages. PACE was also tasked to determine if there are any gravity pipe option(s) that could eliminate any of these existing lift stations. PACE determined that the Pacific WWPS can be replaced with 800 lineal feet of 12-inch microtunnel gravity pipe, Voorhees WWPS will include upgrading 1,200 lineal feet of 6-inch force main, and Poinsettia WWPS will include upgrading 120 lineal feet of 4-inch force main and 80 lineal feet of 8-inch gravity pipe. All three lift stations are located in sensitive areas, either in front of or adjacent to homes, or in a driveway to a local church.


Key Features:

  • Site and existing assessment and improvement plan
  • Solutions developed to avoid additional above-grade equipment or aesthetic impact
  • Sewer pipe replacement (including slip-lining)
  • Upgrades or replacements of mechanical and electrical pump station components
  • Phased construction to avoid the need to operate a separate temporary bypass system during construction
  • Generator installations
  • Maintaining existing force mains as redundant force mains
  • Construction cost estimating

City of Manhattan Beach

Wastewater Infrastructure