Pelican Hill Resort Pools

Newport Coast, CA


PACE provided civil, mechanical and electrical engineering design for the Villa Recreation Center and Inn area pools and spas at the Pelican Hills Development. PACE designed the pools, which were all skimmer pools with a typical pool coping edge, in the Villas Recreation Center and Inn Area. The Inn Area swimming pools have a surge tank (rim flow pool edge). Additionally, PACE performed an evaluation of disinfection systems alternatives, including saltwater treatment.


Villas recreation center:

      1. Swimming Pool (4,700 sq. ft.)
      2. Kids Pool (225 sq. ft.)
      3. Spa (100 sq. ft.)
      4. Mechanical Equipment Room below the pool deck
      5. All above pools shall be skimmer pools with typical pool coping edge.


Inn area pools:

      1. 100-ft diameter rim flow swimming pool (7,854 sq. ft.)
      2. Kids Pool (800 sq.ft.)
      3. Spa #1 (80 sq.ft.)
      4. Spa #2 (100 sq. ft.)
      5. Mechanical Equipment Room (possibly below pool deck level).


The indoor spas at the inn area, which PACE was also contracted to design, includes:

      1. Men’s Spa (120 sq. ft.)
      2. Women’s Spa (120 sq. ft.)
      3. (2) Mechanical Equipment Rooms (± 30 ft. from the spas located in the enclosed area)


Existing spas:

      1. Skimmer spa, plaster finish
      2. Right Spa: Area: 71 SF; Volume: 1,593 GAL
      3. Middle Spa: Area: 75 SF; Volume: 1,683 GAL
      4. Left Spa: Area: 71 SF; Volume: 1,593 GAL
      5. Scope: replaced coping, depth marker, handrails, and pool lights, and re-plastering


Key Features:

  • The Coliseum Pool is one of largest circular pools in the world, holding 380,000 gallons of water
  • Salt water disinfection
  • Rim flow
  • Mechanical Equipment Room is below pool deck level

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