Peck Reservoir Pump Station Improvements

Huntington Beach, CA


The Peck Reservoir site in Huntington Beach contains many different facilities including import connection, two reservoirs, one booster pump station, and three water wells. Two out of the three main water wells, as well as the pump station engine, were originally running off natural gas engines. In order to increase reliability and redundancy, the City of Huntington Beach hired PACE to design pumping modifications to the existing booster pump station in order to allow build-out for a new hybrid system. This hybrid system includes four new motors using energy from Edison Power as a source to supplement the existing natural gas engines and give them the ability to run natural gas or Edison’s electrical power. A new transformer station was also built outside of the booster pump station, and since the motor sits high, PACE also designed a compact, practical platform below the motor to allow easy accessibility and operation. This redundant system allows for a self-sufficient, reliable booster pump station that gives them the ability to run the system in the event of a power outage, earthquake, natural gas line break, or engine failure, giving them the ability to provide water to the drinking water system regardless of circumstance. By retrofitting Edison Power with the existing natural gas system, they can eventually retrofit their two other wells to make all of them an electrically powered hybrid. This facility is also a rehab sight, so it is tight in space and there are many marked and unmarked underground conduits. PACE was able to snake additional as-needed conduits in the ground to improve and clean up the existing conditions.


Key Features:

  • Created redundancy reliability for the existing booster pump station
  • Operational serviceability using the false floor design
  • Organized conduits within the bank to make it safe and practical
  • Tight site footprint
  • Pump station ventilation improvements



City of Huntington Beach

Water Infrastructure