Orange Grove / Rancho Mesa Verde Potable Water Distribution System

Somerton, AZ


The City of Somerton employed PACE for the preliminary design of its new potable water distribution system for the Orange Grove and Rancho Mesa Verde (OG/RMV) subdivisions for tie-in to the City’s existing water system. The system improves the quality of life in these low-income communities by providing a reliable water supply for both residential use and increased fire protection. The infrastructure is west of the Orange Grove Community consisting of three segments of new piping (approximately 8,500 linear feet) running from the City’s existing main to the OG/RMV subdivision. The system also included a new 180,000-gallon potable water storage tank and a booster pump station. The project was funded through the Arizona Department of Housing (ADOH) with a Community Development Block Grant. PACE performed the final design, permitting, and bid services. The project construction bids came in under budget.


Key Features:

  • New 8,500 linear foot water conveyance system
  • Alternative analysis
    • Conceptual design
    • Cost estimating
    • 20-Year lifecycle costing
  • 180,000-gallon potable water storage tank and booster pump station
  • ADOH funding with a Community Development Block Grant

City of Somerton

Water Infrastructure