Mountain House Creek Restoration and Stormwater Management

Tracy, CA


PACE was the lead consultant on the Mountain House project’s water resource issues, including development-wide stormwater management planning and creek restoration design services. Mountain House is a self-contained, 4,784-acre master-planned community that, at full build-out, will be home to 43,500 residents. Incorporated into this new town is an innovative, natural approach to water resources management. Mountain House Creek is one of the development’s signature features.


PACE was responsible for a creative watershed planning program that included the Stormwater Master Plan Update for the entire development, as well as the restoration and enhancement plan for the 13,400-linear-foot Mountain House Creek for a proposed residential golf course and lake system. The unique and natural-based approach to the project’s creek restoration and combined stormwater management program integrated created wetlands and riparian corridors for runoff water quality treatment and flood conveyance within the creek restoration program, converting the creek into a flowing, multipurpose corridor.


The stormwater management features included pedestrian linkage and multi-function open space areas. Additionally, the plan eliminated numerous large-diameter storm drains and detention basins by routing on-site runoff through Mountain House Creek, the residential lake system, and the golf course. The 37-acre lake was designed with pockets of Best Management Practice (BMP) water quality treatment for multiple inflows to drop sediment before discharging to the creek. This re-routing significantly reduced capital costs for stormwater management and ensured that Mountain House Creek would have year-round flows, thereby enhancing the environmental restoration and aesthetic quality of the development.


Key Features:

  • 3-mile-long creek restoration
  • Master drainage plan development
  • Mass grading design
  • Best Management Practice (BMP) design
  • Permitting and regulatory compliance

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